The Rebellion

January 2, 2018

Go ahead, do the opposite of what you’re told. That’s always smart. Sorry, talking to myself again. I digress.

Not that long ago, I took a poll on Instagram (I know, I didn’t know I could do it either!) where I asked my loyal family, friends and 5 random followers (thanks by the way) if I should paint or stain a recent project. The original post is here Thrifty TV Cabinet Repurpose. The majority ruled to “leave it raw” which I was pleased with because that meant less work for me. Yay!!

A few weeks passed, however, and I got the itch. That familiar voice, popping into my head saying “Ignore your beloved family, friends and 5 random followers. Rebel against the masses.” What? Where was this voice coming from?

Should I listen? Okay. Why do I listen? Because I’m a jerk. That’s why.

It only took a few extra steps including a quick paint job, a quick distress with 120 sand paper and a once over with steel wool to give it a distressed, matte finish.

Quick Tip Regarding Steel Wool

Initially, I was scrubbing like a mad woman with the steel wool to give the piece a low luster, smooth quality. It was taking forever and my wrist hurt real bad until….I decided to wet the surface with a rag! I started scrubbing the surface with steel wool after I made it wet and what a difference. So much less work.

I feel kind of bad rebelling but I’ve always liked living on the edge. ┬áStay tuned for next week when I get real crazy, maybe I’ll push some furniture up against a wall and hang my curtains too short. Dun Dun Dun!!



First Attempt
Second Attempt

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