Specific Pantone Colors For Each Personality Season

November 28, 2017

Recently I wrote a post on how to find your Personality Season.  What does that mean? To find out click here.

Once you know your personality season, (summer, autumn, winter, spring) you can then use this information to zone in on specific color characteristics and textures that might work well for you because they fit your unique color psychology.

If you read my post, Color Psychology and Home Design, then you know that I enjoy the idea of color psychology, however, I found my primary reference on the subject matter to be a bit lackluster when it came to providing specifics. Each season was given descriptive words for its colors like “muted”, “clear”and “bright” but no actual colors were recommended. Therefore, I took it upon myself to create a miniature reference that lists specific Pantone colors for each season.

I used  the Pantone website as my reference. If you go to the Pantone page you will see there are hundreds of colors.  After tediously sifting through each color and trying to categorize it into one of the 4 seasons, I became overwhelmed. I made a judgement call to kill my darlings and instead of providing an exhaustive list, I provided enough examples for each season to be able to see the trending characteristics each season portrays. When placed relative to each other, it is pretty easy to see how each season differs from the other.

If you haven’t yet identified your color season then I would suggest reading this post first and then come back to this page.  If you know what season you are then here are some colors that I have identified as having similar qualities as their descriptors.

Summer: Muted, Delicate, Cool


Autumn: Muted, Intense, Warm

Winter: Bright, Clear, Cool

Spring: Bright, Light, Clear


  • This is not an exhaustive list
  • Each category can use every color (except for pure black and pure white. Those colors are only for winter). For example, autumn can use blues even though it says “warm” colors. There are warmer blues and cooler blues. You would want to choose warmer blues if you are autumn and cooler blues if you are summer or winter.
  • It’s okay if you hate all the colors in your season and like colors from another season
    • I am not a color expert
    • Color is subjective
    • This is just for fun
    • My eyes started to glaze over after the 800th color

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading!


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