Feel The Teal

Being our first real home project we've ever done I'd say we kept this bathroom renovation fairly simple. After taking all the wallpaper down we installed subway tiles with dark grout. This was our way of updating but attempting to pay tribute to the original style of the house. (more…)

Galley Kitchen Renovation

Everybody loves a galley kitchen, no? This kitchen was so charming that I almost miss it. Almost. What was once a narrow, closed off space is now an open area with much better utilization of the available square footage. (more…)

Living Room Remodel

The big change for the dining and living rooms was taking down all the walls separating them into fragmented sections. Lighting also played a major role. Prior to the renovation there were absolutely no ceiling lights. If you wanted light it was from a lamp. All the switches were connected to the plug ins. I've been told this is pretty common in older houses. (more…)