Interior Design Difficulties

I am currently on the interior design struggle bus. My husband thinks I should hire someone to assist (he's tired of helping me move furniture) but I disagree. I feel I have a responsibility to demonstrate that ANYBODY can create a space they love without having to spend a lot of money, obtain an interior design degree (although that definitely wouldn't hurt) or sell one's soul to the Devil. (more…)

DIY Dutch Door Baby Gate Substitute

If the first thing your 4-year-old nephew says when he enters your home is "LET'S MAKE A MESS!" then you know you're screwed. That was the moment I realized my attempts at engaging in a relaxing evening with other adults were futile. After a particularly rowdy evening bursting with toddler roughhousing, I recognized that I needed  my son and company needed a separate playroom for their skylarky behavior. (more…)

When Magazines Make You Feel The Sads

I am currently feeling the need to express my disdain for any magazine that publishes an article telling people what NOT to do. Unless it is something obvious like "TEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT SHOOT PEOPLE" I really don't want to read it. Recently, I stumbled across a real life article titled "TEN HOME TRENDS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GET RID OF IN 2017". This is a run of the mill "Keeping Up With The Joneses" situation we have on…

DIY Vintage Letter Board

Last week I took a swing at a DIY letter board. It wasn't a home run but I'll give the final outcome a solid double. I couldn't resist yet another typography interior design feature for my home. You can never have too many "Live, Laugh, Love" hangings on the wall. Actually, that's a lie and I am currently in the process of getting rid of an old sign to make room for this one. I'm gonna keep it real and…

Sanding, Staining, Polyurethaning

Let's talk about a few of my favorite things: sanding, staining, polyurethaning. Never again will I look at an old piece of furniture on Craigslist the same way. And neither should you. Before you awaits a project that requires some TLC- time, labor and commitment. No worries. I'm here to help you avoid mistakes and have a 320 grit smooth experience along the way. (more…)

Botanical Prints

I have been a long-time lover of botanical prints but have always been too cheap to purchase them. That's why when I recently stopped in at THE Magnolia Market website I was elated to see that they were offering six botanical downloads for FREE. So, I did what any honorable mooch would do and I downloaded those puppies on the spot. (more…)

Naughty Knotty Pine

Naughty pine is one thing, and possibly something I might be into. Knotty pine, however, is not. Our basement came fully loaded with some Grade A naughty knotty pine. Don't get me wrong, there are times when it can be charming. Think: tin can full of moonshine, wrapped in a bear skin blanket, Dances With Wolves playing in the background. This is my version of a place in time where knotty pine would be perfectly acceptable. My home, however, is not…

Fireplace Facelift

Welcome to the darkness. This room was definitely on the struggle bus. It had no overhead lighting, wood paneling, parquet flooring, a hideous brick fireplace...I could go on and on. My MIL (that's mother-in-law for the acronym challenged) swears this room was the biggest transformation. Everything about this room was repulsive. The only thing I did like was the FM/AM radio built into the wall which my husband took out one day when I was at work. Grrr. (more…)