Choosing A Moody Green Paint Color

Choosing A Moody Green Paint Color

Have you ever seen the movie Inception? You know, the one with dreamboat Leo D? The premise is this: an idea gets planted in your head and becomes an obsession. Sometimes the idea is grand and wonderful, other times it crashes and burns. Either way, there's only one way out. Action. My current inception? Dark, moody, green painted rooms. The Most Inefficient Paint Picking Process You Will Ever Encounter I am going to take you behind the scenes of probably…

Inspirational Books and Podcasts For When You Feel Stuck

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I hate using the excuse "I've been busy" but, I've been busy. I'm kind of a big deal. That last statement was false. Anyways, recently I've been doing more reading and listening than writing. Mostly human psychology, mindset type stuff. Okay, fine. I'll call it what it really is, self help. That's moderately embarrassing to admit by the way. Before we get to the meat of this post, I think it's time I told…

Antique Paper In 3 Simple Steps

You might be thinking to yourself right now, "What is antiquing paper and why would I want to do it?" Welllllll....antiquing paper is exactly what is sounds like, making new paper look old. And why would you possibly want to do this? Perhaps some of us host a lot of pirate parties that require treasure maps. (more…)

Increasing “Me” Time For The Morning Person

Everybody needs time for themselves. It doesn't matter if you're a CEO, stay-at-home mom, college student or just a regular old Joe like me. I want to share with you my morning routine that I've instilled for the past 6 months in hopes it will benefit you like it has me. Since beginning this routine I feel less stress, more control, more patience and overall happier as a result. (more…)

Panel Moulding The Future

Does a room in your house need a little pick me up? Don't worry, you're not alone. Personally, I don't love clutter and I suffer from a made up disease called pickartphobia (the fear of choosing the wrong wall art). These two things alone result in a boring, unfinished room. (more…)

DIY Ginormous Floating Shelf Tutorial

Let's face it, 3-foot shelves, 5-foot shelves, they just aren't BIG enough. I like big shelves and I cannot lie. The more I get into decorating the more I am drawn towards big statement pieces rather than trinkets. This is not the result of some grand master-designer evolution. No, quite the opposite. Rather a product of toddlers eating and destroying all things small and cute. So yeah, I still adore trinkets but they are at the bottom of the food…

How To Use Instagram To Review Major Online Purchases Before You Buy

Online shopping is great. I heard all the cool kids are doing it. You can do it in the morning, you can do it in the evening, you can do it at supper time! (Whatever happened to Bagel Bites anyway?) Yeah, online shopping IS great. don't really know what you're buying. Not really. You can't see it, can't touch it, can't nothing it. How do you  know if it's what you perceive it to be? (more…)

DIY West Elm Blackened Wood + Brass Wall Art Hack

Choosing wall art is intimidating. It can make or break a room. I like to think our personality can be showcased through the art we choose, similar to expression of self through clothing. Some people are trendy and hip, others are more traditional and conservative. Me? I'm a Plain Jane. Finding a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable can be hard. (more…)

Pillow Talk Is Cheap

Pillows, pillows, freaking pillows. Choosing between pillows is like choosing between cheesecake and chocolate. Do we really have to? Maybe we can have all the pillows and eat them too. No, that would be weird. So I guess we're left to sift through the madness, one beautiful down-filled poof of delightfulness at a time.  (more…)