DIY Cabinet Doors

November 3, 2017

Have you ever had a vision? No, not of Michael Jackson in his prime serenading you with PYT. Not that type of vision. We’ve all had those types of visions. (Well, maybe not quite like that, that’s kind of a strange one.) Anyways, I’m talking about a vision for your home. Ahhh, now we’re talking.

Inspiration comes from all around. For example, I gathered a ton of inspiration last Tuesday when I took my kids trick or treating. While they were telling jokes that weren’t funny, I was conspicuously looking inside peoples’ homes, gathering ideas. It’s way more effective than Pinterest. You should try it.

Sometimes, once I’ve had my vision and I know what I want, the rest is easy. I just go to the store and buy the thing. My empty soul has been fed and I will be happy for a few days before the consumerism feedback loop resets. It’s glorious.¬†Other times, I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll search and search but no dice. Or, I do find what I’m looking for but it’s WAAAAAY too expensive and I’ve got kids to feed. That’s when the fun begins. I put on my thinking cap and find another way. How about I make what I’m looking for? Of course! PROJECT TIME! My favorite time.

Most recently, I have been inspired by one of my favorite Instagram accounts. The White Farmhouse Blog. Do I live in a white farmhouse? No. Do I care? No. All I know is that I want this pantry. I just know that it will solve all my life’s made up problems and I will be instantly gratified and stop searching for the meaning of life.

white cabinet
My all time favorite cabinet from The White Farmhouse Blog. It’s just so pretty and perfect.

After searching Craigslist for a few weeks I came across this dandy little cabinet/pantry/hutch or whatever the hell you call it.

open face cabinet from craigslist

The only problem was it didn’t have doors. Although the interior wood is pretty, the whole idea in the first place was to find something I could hide all my previous purchases to feed my empty soul inside of. I’m tired of pretending like I know how to style an open shelf. It’s exhausting really. It always ends up looking like a filthy animal. Thanks Kevin McCallister for that Home Alone reference to draw from.

I decided to head to Habitat for Humanity to search for materials. I found some “raw wood” and bought a bunch of 1″ x 8′ pieces. It was very random pickings. We used a table saw (I say we but it was all my husband. I’m just here for the “visions”) to cut the wood into 1″ pieces. Then we mixed up all the pieces and used wood glue and clamps to put them back together. While that seems like a big waste of time it actually gives the piece some much needed pizazz! After the wood glue dried for a few days, we (my husband again) cut them into perfect rectangles and squares to fit into their tiny little door frames. I then sanded and wiped down the doors.

raw wood cut into pieces

Hey red shoe!

Raw wood placed back together after being cut to create an interesting look.

I purchased three door latches from Amazon and 8 hinges from Home Depot. We simply drilled the hinges into the doors and the frame, lined everything up and put on the hardware latches.

For the bottom piece, I latched the two doors to one another. Only problem was they weren’t connected to the frame in the middle. Not connected to the frame equals doors that do not stay closed. In order to keep the doors closed I had to buy another latch and connect one of the doors to the frame from the inside.

DIY wooden cabinet doors
DIY Cabinet Doors

After my doors were hung I used Danish wood oil to bring out the beauty of the natural wood grain. It was so simple. I just wiped it on like a Mineral Spirits. It claims to be a stain, oil and finish all in one step. I like these claims.

I really love the way it turned out except…the bottom looks a little TOO striped. Who would have thunk. I think it’s a bit too busy for the eye. I’m thinking of painting and distressing the bottom doors or staining them black to maintain the variability in the wood grains. What do you think?

While this vision may not be as good as Michael Jackson doing his thang, it’s a close second in my opinion. Thanks for reading!


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