Color Psychology and Home Decor

November 12, 2017

Anything in life that eliminates choices and streamlines decision-making gets a gold star in my book. While researching ways to make my blog look less like an elementary student’s art project, I stumbled upon a woman and her branding business. This woman’s name is Fiona Humberstone and she is a branding ninja. Most intriguing, is her approach. She uses color psychology to allow her clients to make branding decisions based upon their personality traits. As I was reading her books I began to think, “If color psychology can guide decisions regarding branding, then why not home design as well?”


On Fiona’s website, The Brand Stylist, and in her books, How To Style Your Brand and Brand Brilliance, she states that everyone can identify the color season which most reflects their personality and/or message they want to portray.  That’s right, I said season. Like Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. And no, you are not automatically Fall if you love PSLs and frolicking in the leaves.

Identify your season

To identify your season, read the descriptive words in the graphic below. Whichever grouping of words that most resonates with your personality indicates your season. You may find more than one category describes you. It’s typical to have a primary season and a subordinate season.

Color Psychology Seasons Chart
Color Psychology Seasons Chart from Fiona Humbstone’s How To Style Your Brand

Did you connect with one season? If not, go back and put a star next to each word that resonates with you. When you’re done, tally the stars. Whichever season has the most stars is your primary season. Don’t freak out if you have multiple personalities. Remember, this is just for fun and is not the end all be all of your home design. It is simply a tool to help streamline decision making if you’re finding yourself stuck and in need of a little guidance.

How To use this information in your home design

Now that you have identified your season, it’s time to put this information to good use. The graphic below describes the color qualities and characteristics that resonate with each season. Each season has its own unique color qualities including: temperature, tone, saturation, brightness, etc. This approach doesn’t help you choose which colors but more the characteristics of the colors.

Chart describing seasons color characteristics
Color Characteristics and Qualities

By now you should have identified your season and have an okay understanding of the color and texture characteristics specific to your season. While I do find this approach quite fascinating, I cannot help but be left wanting more. If you’re like me, right about now you’re probably hoping for another chart listing specific Pantone colors that go with each season. Unfortunately, this information was not provided by my current reference. Therefore, I cannot help but feel a missed opportunity has presented itself. It is my goal to create a chart that does just that as my next endeavor. Seeing as there are thousands of Pantone colors, this may take me some time. Until then, hopefully this post gives you some inspiration and if nothing else a fun resource, The Brand Stylist, to learn more about color psychology.


UPDATE: Post with SPECIFIC PANTONE COLORS has been posted.

Thanks for reading!


      1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for checking out the blog. I love your Instagram and shop. I thought it was interesting too. I’m not sure I am able to execute it properly without more guidance but Fiona Humberstone’s books are interesting. More “coffee table” books but they get you started 🙂 If you’re interested in more of this kind of stuff I would check out That’s her website and is full of fun psychology stuff. Have a great day.

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