Choosing A Moody Green Paint Color

October 28, 2017

Choosing A Moody Green Paint Color

Have you ever seen the movie Inception? You know, the one with dreamboat Leo D? The premise is this: an idea gets planted in your head and becomes an obsession. Sometimes the idea is grand and wonderful, other times it crashes and burns. Either way, there’s only one way out. Action. My current inception? Dark, moody, green painted rooms.

The Most Inefficient Paint Picking Process You Will Ever Encounter

I am going to take you behind the scenes of probably the least efficient way to pick a paint color. This is the opposite of my post, Using Science To Help Choose The “Right” Paint Color, which helps streamline the paint picking process. It’s always good to have options.

Anyways, I started my journey at Benjamin Moore and then Sherwin Williams. I collected every paint chip I could with even the slightest hint of dark, moody, gray-green vibes. That’s a lot of paint chips, in case you were wondering.

This Next step is weird But crucial

I alway cut the names off the front of the paint chips and write them on the back. I do this so I will not pick a color simply because it is popular. For example, if everyone on Pinterest is painting their living room Revere Pewter then my brain automatically says to me, “Pick the chip labeled Revere Pewter, everyone else likes it so that means you have good taste.” What I really want my brain to say is “Pick that color, I genuinely like it.” It’s a subconscious thing I cannot control. I also judge books by their covers and all my friends are pretty.

this next step is monotonous

Next, I put all the paint chips against a wall in the room I’m going to paint. I eliminate chips until I am left with only four. I then write down the names of the final four colors. Then, I shuffle all the chips back together and do it again. Only this time, I choose a different wall, or the floor, or a piece of furniture that is a focal point. I go through this process at least 4 to 5 times. Each time, I write down the final four colors that I have chosen. Finally, I consult my list and if there are any colors that I have chosen more than once I will buy a sample.

Typically, the process I just described gets me in the right wheelhouse. Unfortunately, this time it did not. It wasn’t until after I had bought a gallon of paint and finished two walls that I realized the color I chose was too light. Rather than living with the wrong decision, I decided that it would be best to start over. I repeated the process, knowing I needed to choose darker colors.

Below are the 7 color samples I bought. 4 were too light, 3 were just right.

Intrigue By Benjamin Moore

Intrigue by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Painted Intrigue

I eliminated this choice because it wasn’t moody enough for me. I need more sass Benjamin Moore!

Millstone Gray By Sherwin Williams

Millstone Gray by Benjamin Moore
I apologize to whomever’s picture this is, I couldn’t find a home webpage. But your picture is pretty!

This color was eliminated because it was a bit too gray, brownish. Just call me Goldilocks.

Woodland Lichen By Sherwin Williams

Woodland Lichen by Sherwin Williams

Woodland Lichen by Sherwin Williams

I wanted to like this color because it looks so pretty in the picture above but it was just “too green.” Maybe I don’t like green as much as I thought I did……

Privilege Green By Sherwin Williams

Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom painted Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams
Bedroom by Wit&Delight

Another one I wanted to like because I love everything that Kate does from Wit & Delight. I figured she’s a genius and knows best but this color wasn’t “muted” enough for me.

Retreat By Sherwin Williams

Retreat by Sherwin Wililams

Retreat by Sherwin Williams

This one looked brown and dingy and depressing in my lighting. Next.

Rushing River By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Rushing River

I couldn’t find a good picture for this one. This is the color I bought a gallon of and painted two walls before I changed my mind days later. Too light.

And the winner is…………………………Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore

Knoxville Gray color Sample

Knoxville Gray Benjamin Moore Paint Color In Kitchen
Knoxville Gray Benjamin Moore Kitchen

knoxville gray benjamin moore study knoxville gray benjamin moore paint color benjamin moore knoxville gary paint color knoxville gray benjamin moore paint color

In the end, I just couldn’t go as green as I had initially intended. Something about it wasn’t jiving with the lighting and other colors in the room. Not completely ready to surrender, I stayed true to the green family but allowed my favorite color, blue, to sneak in a bit. When I look at my walls I see a dark green, blue, gray. Not too bright and slightly muted. I love this color. I’m not sure how well all of my furniture goes with it but you know me, I love a good challenge. I might have to find a solution for that in the future. But for now, I’m channeling my inner moody teenager and thus an episode of Dawson’s Creek is my next order of business.



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