Inspirational Books and Podcasts For When You Feel Stuck

October 24, 2017

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I hate using the excuse “I’ve been busy” but, I’ve been busy. I’m kind of a big deal. That last statement was false. Anyways, recently I’ve been doing more reading and listening than writing. Mostly human psychology, mindset type stuff. Okay, fine. I’ll call it what it really is, self help. That’s moderately embarrassing to admit by the way. Before we get to the meat of this post, I think it’s time I told you a little story about myself.

Last Spring, I found myself in a serious funk. I wasn’t exactly sure why though. I mean, what did I have to be depressed about? I have amazing family and friends, a good job, decent health and relatively low stress. Things could be much, much worse. After some “deepish” self-reflection, I determined it must be my career as a physical therapist and that the last 15 years of education and daily grind had been a huge mistake. In the days that followed, I would go to work mad at myself for making wrong choices, mad at my education for tens of thousands of dollars of student debt and mad at my patients for being big, whiny complainers. Mad! Mad!! Mad!!!

When I expressed my disgruntled state to my husband, he suggested I look for guidance via podcasts. I figured I had nothing to lose and began searching for answers via iTunes. The only logical place to soul search, really. After sifting through some doozies, I stumbled upon a few podcasts about blogging. In the past, I have found myself jealous of other bloggers. I’d think, “Shoot, I could do that.” After reading a few blogs about how to make a blog I decided that was what I was going to do. I have passion, I love being creative, I like writing. Alright, sold to the highest bidder.

Initially, I focused on finding content related to blogging. Gradually, I expanded my horizons and stumbled upon podcasts discussing human psychology, sociology and personal development. Between working on my blog and pumping myself full of self help juice I hardly noticed time passing. I would get lost in these moments. Hours felt like minutes and I felt a sense of excitement I’d never felt before. It was my gut telling me I was headed for something wonderful.

As the months went by, I continued going to work everyday doing the same job I had always done. But something was different. I was no longer dreading going. I was enjoying my time with (most of) my patients. I felt my feelings of empathy and compassion begin to resurface. (So I DO have a heart after all. Fantastic.) What was going on here? Why didn’t I hate my job anymore? What had caused this dramatic shift from resenting my job to being grateful for it? That’s when I realized I hadn’t been in a funk because of what I was doing, it was because of what I wasn’t doing. Taking time for myself, growing, getting out of my comfort zone, changing my mindset, learning and engaging in creative expression.

Reading books and listening to podcasts has been crucial in helping me find the courage and confidence I need to pursue my passions. They have helped me uncover what it is I’ve been missing; the source of my funk (other than not showering on the weekends). So, I wanted to share them with you. If I can help one person out there feel less “stuck” and wake up to their calling or something that makes them feel excited then I’ve accomplished my goal. So, without further ado, I present to you a list of self help podcasts and books to help  you too, find what you’ve been searching for.


  1. The Art Of Charm – This podcast was originally created to help men in their relationships. It has now expanded far beyond that definition. The host, Jordan Harbinger, is a great interviewer. He’s pretty blunt and honest and sometimes borderline offensive, which I like. He interviews super interesting people from all walks of life talking a lot about mindset shifts and becoming the person you want to be.
  2. #Authentic – This podcast is produced by Sara Tasker, based out of the UK. She is a professional Instagrammer (yeah, that’s a thing) and while she does give a lot of tips on how to grow your Instagram I actually like it for its focus on being authentic and confident in yourself and your skills.
  3. Courage & Spice – This is a fairly new podcast so there aren’t that many episodes. I found her because she was on Sara Tasker’s podcast (the one from #Authentic) and I loved their interview so much I wanted to hear more from her. Her podcast’s tagline is “A Podcast For Human’s With Self Doubt.” So there you go.
  4. Magic Lessons  -From the author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast about being creative and believing in yourself in a smart and practical way (ie not quitting your day job and becoming a starving artist). Sometimes she thinks she is a psychologist which is a bit annoying but otherwise she can be fairly inspirational and entertaining.


  1. The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything  By Neil Pasricha
  2. Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One – Jenny Blake
  3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message – Tara Mohr
  5. You Are A Bad Ass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life – Jen Sincero
  6. The Obstacle Is The Way – Ryan Holiday

So there you have it, some podcast and book recommendations that I have found to be encouraging during my recent 1/3 life crisis.



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