Black Door Bandwagon

December 15, 2017

By now we’ve all seen them somewhere, black windows and doors. I dig them, my sister’s dog digs them, even my 3-year-old son digs them.

Painting your doors black is an inexpensive way to add contrast, interest and pizazz to your home. Let’s look at some examples of black doors (not necessarily painted).

Example 1: Black Full LIght Exterior Door

Black Door and White Trim
Source: One Kings Lane

Example 2: Black full light exterior door

Black exterior door with windows
Black Exterior Door with Windows

Example 3: Black Exterior half light door

Black door with surrounding wooden walls
Black door with surrounding wooden walls

Example 4: Black Exterior half light door

Black door against dark wall
Black door against dark wall

To Paint Or Not To Paint

Initially this project was inspired by black windows, not doors. My windows are white metal, however, and the thought of painting them black was too risky. Even for me. So, I decided to play it safe and focus on the two full light doors that plank either side of my galley kitchen. My kitchen needed some contrast, in the end, I guess it doesn’t matter how.

My Before Pictures

White full light door
Before: White Door and white windows
white kitchen window trim
Before: white kitchen window trim

product specifics


Sherwin Williams Bohemian Black (Read “Extras” below about paint quality)




1 quart


Paint brush and miniature paint roller specifically for smooth surfaces.

Extra Notes

  • I should have purchased a higher quality paint. For example, Behr Marquee from Home Depot is awesome. You can paint anything with that paint and it will not scratch. I was feeling poor the day I purchased this paint and the guy at Lowes ensured me it was fine to paint metal with this paint (shaking my fist at this man now). After painting with this paint, I do not agree and regret not spending the money for Behr Marquee or another equal quality paint.
  • The matte finish was a strange decision. Typically, most people will paint doors, trim, etc (things that get dirty easily and need a good cleaning somewhat regularly) with semi-gloss or gloss. I don’t know why I choose matte/flat. For some reason I just didn’t want a shiny look. So far the matte is fine but I have’n’t tried to clean it yet.
  • Use a mini roller specific for smooth surfaces. I never used to realize that paint rollers come in different forms depending on the surface you are painting. They have rollers for rough, smooth and medium surfaces. I don’t know how I missed this obvious detail the first 100 times I bought a paint roller, but I did.
  • Cut in first with a brush and roll second after the paint around the edges has dried.

After Pictures

Toddler admiring new black full light door
Toddler admiring new black full light door
Black full light door
Black full light door
Full Light Door Black
Full Light Door Black


I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty happy with this cost effective update. In my opinion it makes a huge difference. Only a week later and I look at the before pictures and think “Good God how did I live like that!?”

If you are thinking about it, go for it. What do you have to lose? Remember, you can ALWAYS paint it back. Nothing is permanent. Have fun and happy updating and DIYing.


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